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20 Storage Solutions for Any Bedroom

  1. Choose a headboard with built-in storage solutions a bookshelf, a USB port, a night light.
    Bed with bookshelf headboard
  2. Choose a platform bed with extra storage space built in underneath the bed frame. Or put your bed on risers that lift your bed high enough off the floor to store what you need beneath the bed.
    Platform bed with room for storage underneath
  3. Invest in an attractive storage bench or ottoman and use it as a footboard and as an extra seating area. This “storage tripleheader” is great for small bedrooms with limited floor space!
  4. Build a window seat that is also a storage area.
  5. Stack vintage suitcases next to the bed for use as a nightstand. Store things inside the suitcases you don’t use everyday like a bed throw or extra blanket.
  6. Mount a small floating desk on the wall next to the bed and also use it as a nightstand.
  7. Choose a nightstand with ample storage drawers, shelves and a USB port.
    Nightstand with storage
  8. Invest in dresser organizers that make finding your socks, hats and gloves easy as pie.
  9. Organize your closets with a closet organization system. To maximize your storage space.
  10. Install scarf / tie / belt organizers in the closet.
  11. Install over-the-door shoe cubbies or a shoe rack inside the closet. 
  12. Add a low shelf beneath a window to display books, plants, and knickknacks
  13. Instead of traditional crown molding, add a high decorative shelf around the upper perimeter of the bedroom to display books, plants, and knickknacks.
  14. Install floating shelves to display plants and art.
  15. Hang your laundry hamper or your yoga mat on the back of your bathroom door.
  16. Use artful arrangements of plants and large, lidded wicker baskets that double as laundry hampers (one for lights, one for darks) or a trash bin.
  17. Artfully display your favorite jewelry on small, decorative hooks mounted inside an antique picture frame on the wall.
  18. Mount reading lights on the wall above or next to the bed.
  19. Add a wardrobe chest and use it for clothes or a small tv.
    Wardrobe for clothes or a TV
  20. Sometimes the best storage solution is to get rid of clothes and books you no longer need.