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The Must Have Leather Guide
Leather Furniture at Walker Furniture Las Vegas

Leather is revered all over the world. It's durable, always in style, and is an anchor for any room or outfit. But why then do prices and the look vary so much? It's in the vocabulary. As a consumer in the world, it's important for you to understand the slight nuances between things that look and feel like leather, but may not be the 100% genuine article.

4th of July, Vegas Style.
4th of July with Furniture from Walker Furniture

Across the country, there will be about 15,000 fireworks displays to celebrate the 4th of July. Smaller towns spend start at about $8,000 and cities like Boston will spend about $2.5 million on their celebration.

But how about Las Vegas? We do everything big here right?

Children's Rooms: A Complete Guide
Children's Bedroom at Walker Furniture

It's summer. So your children are at home all day. It's a great time to give some extra attention to their rooms. They are home more often this time of year and you can work together to get things organized and ready for the busy school season.

Gifts He'll Love

Historically, Dads get the short end of the stick on parental holidays. Fifty million less cards are sent to fathers than mothers to commemorate the day and hardly any flowers. That just doesn't seem right to us.

So, we've rounded up some great ideas to knock his socks off this year and also some fun facts to bring up at lunch.

19 Tips for Outdoor Entertaining
Outdoor Patio Furniture at Walker Furniture Las Vegas

Incorporating your outside space for entertaining is a great way to extend your home for large gatherings and enjoy the Las Vegas night air.

It does require a different way of thinking. We've amassed some tips to help you plan a great night out (while still staying in).

Furniture - The Ultimate Gift Givers Guide

June is a big gift giving month. There are graduations and it's the month for weddings. That's a one-two punch that has you doing a bit of bonus gift giving. How to stand out? How to give a gift that is both appreciated and needed?

How to Care for Your Furniture & Mattress

So you've researched, planned, invested in, and fallen in love with your furniture or a great new mattress. What now?

Here are some quick tips on how to take care of it and keep it looking good and sitting comfortably.

Furniture Lasts Literally Years Longer than Carnations or Lunch.
Adjustable Base Bed for Mother's Day

Whether it’s from literally giving birth, to you to raising you, to fixing meals and sewing for clothes for you and providing you a home or taking care of you emotionally, that’s a lot of work. Day in day out, for their entire lifetime. Moms can’t help it. Moms are moms. And they work darned hard, often in the background making things work in ways you don’t even notice. They lay the groundwork for your early life, and your early life is the groundwork for your entire life. This is not even remotely an exaggeration.

Your Cinco de Mayo Celebration
Cinco de Mayo Celebration Food

We're blessed this year with a weekend Cinco De Mayo. If you are planning a party here are some tips on pulling together your event.

Earth Tones
Earth Tones in Interior Design

When studying the psychology of colors, earth tones are good ones. They evoke feelings of wholesomeness and reliability. They are stabilizing colors, the color of the earth, and are associated with nature. Flat and muted they are said to be nourishing.