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Looking For Storage Furniture? Try These Dual-Use Pieces

When buyers come to our store to look for storage furniture in Las Vegas, they usually have traditional storage options in mind. They want to see chests, dressers and bookcases. What they do not expect when they arrive at Walker Furniture is the immense variety of dual-use storage furniture we have to offer. Dual-use furniture allows the owner to make more than one purpose out of the piece, saving floor space and minimizing clutter.


Chest Beds

Sometimes our sales staff ask customers what they like to put in their beds. The question, we admit, can be a bit baffling. When homeowners are accustomed to trying to fit aftermarket storage tubs under their beds, they have no idea how nice it is to have storage built into the bed. However, a chest bed might be exactly what someone needs. Imagine a bed with a number of drawers built-in. This eliminates the need for an additional chest of drawers or dresser.



The basic storage bench is poised to take over home décor as the most versatile piece in the room. Benches can be placed almost anywhere, take up very little space and offer an ample amount of storage underneath. Savvy homeowners use benches to reduce clutter in the foyer or mudroom, break up a larger room with additional seating, and provide a little extra storage space in the bedroom. With drawers or cubbies underneath, people can decide what kind of storage is best for their needs.



Storage ottomans provide a comfortable yet sensible addition to the living room. Ottomans traditionally are padded and upholstered on top, a perfect place to put feet up after a hard day. Inside, a storage ottoman offers everything that the relaxing homeowner could need, from magazines to couch pillows and even bedding for guests staying on the sofa sleeper or futon.

The trick to finding the best storage furniture in Las Vegas involves locating pieces that serve more than one use. Chest beds, benches and ottomans provide room to relax, without sacrificing floor space needed for storage. With the selection at Walker Furniture, our customers are sure to find simple solutions to their home storage problems.

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So you need a new sectional...

You've come to the right place! No one has a better selection of quality sectionals than Walker Furniture. Hundreds of styles to suit any taste and decor. Sizes to fit any room. And the absolute lowest prices in Nevada.



There are many things to keep in mind when choosing the right sectional for your home. Let's break them down, one by one:


Walker offers sectionals of every type, from leather to fabric to microfiber. It all depends on your comfort preference. Leather is supple and cozy, but requires a bit more maintenance to keep it looking great. Fabric is always comfortable, and usually withstands a bit more "wear and tear" from family use. And microfiber is soft, plush and durable.


Your sectional is often the centerpiece of the room. As such, the color of the sectional is ideally accented by wall colors, accessories and carpeting. Choose a sectional that fits in with the room's color scheme, without blending in to the walls and carpet. If the room is done in warm, deep colors, consider a darker sectional. If the room is bright and colorful, think about a patterned sectional with some solid-colored accent pillows.


Sectionals are great, because they allow you to choose the shape that best fits your room. Depending on the size and shape of your room, you may prefer a "right arm facing" or "left arm facing" model. Since a sectional is usually made up of two or more pieces, you can place it in the ideal spot for comfort, look and viewing. Sectionals allow the whole family to kick back and relax, without overcrowding the room.


Walker Furniture is the undisputed leader when it comes to motion furniture. Your sectional may include one, two, three or even four recliners in it. You can mix a chaise section with a dual-recliner, for maximum comfort. With motion furniture, you get "the best of both worlds" – great style and super comfort.


For most people, this can be the deciding factor. Depending on the manufacturer, prices can range from extremely affordable to somewhat intimidating. The material, size, durability and options all play a part in determining the price of a sectional. Walker's low-price guarantee and easy financing options make it easy to get the furniture you want, and save a lot of money at the same time.

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Buying a New Mattress? Here's a Checklist

People should consider purchasing a new mattress every 8 years or sooner. However, most adults extend the need to buy mattresses in Las Vegas indefinitely, sometimes for several decades. By the time they are ready to go shopping, they have no idea of what is now available on the market. At Walker Furniture, we offer a wide variety of brands and styles of mattresses, from inexpensive to high-end. With this guide, our customers will know what to consider before they come to us to Walker Furniture.



Unlike many other technological innovations in mattresses over the past 20 years, the size of mattresses has not changed much. Consumers can purchase mattresses in various sizes including:



Our customers often ask us the difference between a King and a California King. In our stores, California King mattresses are 4" longer and 4" shorter in width. We recommend that shoppers consider the benefits of purchasing a Queen or King mattress as a split, to allow each side to have the ideal firmness.


Comfort Level

Everyone has a different preference on the type of support they would like in their mattresses. Mattresses that are available in many comfort choices from extra firm as well as Eurotop, pillow top or plush. We suggest that prospective buyers come to our store and test several mattresses, to get a feel for the best mattress for them.


Mattress Components

We get a lot of questions about our memory foam mattresses, and why they are so popular. Viscoelastic memory foam is designed to protect against impact and return to its shape once the pressure is released. People often prefer memory foam because it feels like they are sleeping on a mattress that molds itself to their bodies. It is best to try out beds made from different materials before purchasing. 

At Walker Furniture, we know that our customers long for a good night's sleep on a wonderful new mattress. By looking at the different sizes, comfort levels and mattress components of mattresses, buyers ensure that they get precisely what they are looking for.

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Small Furniture Budget? Here's How to Get the Best

When people come to see us at Walker Furniture, Las Vegas, they are often delighted by the huge selection of dining tables we have to offer. We have a variety of tables to suit almost any purpose. Families get a more stylish and useful home by accessorizing their home with a sideboard, end table or coffee/cocktail tables.



Sometimes our clients come to check out dining tables and are surprised to learn that there are other table options for the dining room. Yes, there is little that can reasonably replace a dining table. However, for families who like to serve dinner buffet-style, or who tend to entertain frequently, we suggest adding a sideboard to the dining room. A sideboard is a table that is generally wide, but not terribly deep. It will fit well on one wall of the dining room and provide extra table room for the placement of dishes, dining accoutrements and even decorations.


End Tables

People come to us at Walker Furniture looking for the right table arrangement for living rooms, family rooms and dens. We like to suggest a complement of tables, including a coffee or cocktail table with coordinating end tables. End tables are useful because they are smaller, fit closely with the furniture and can help create a more cohesive room décor.


Coffee/Cocktail Tables

Our customers are often baffled by the distinction between a coffee and a cocktail table. There really is not much of a difference, and the terms are typically used interchangeably. If we must get technical, cocktail tables are square or rectangular, while coffee tables are usually in a circular or oval shape. Historically, cocktail tables have been a bit taller, as well. All that matters to us is that our customers get the right table for them. Our tables range from sturdy hardwood to tables with a delicate glass inlay.


There is a wide variety of tables in Las Vegas, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Here at Walker Furniture, we know that getting the right tables for the home is really important to homeowners. By looking at sideboards, end tables and coffee or cocktail tables, consumers get the design that matches their dream for their homes.

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It's a sofa. It's a bed. It's both... it's a FUTON!

Walker Furniture knows what Las Vegans are looking for. Sometimes, the perfect addition to your home is a comfortable futon. It looks good, fits in with any room, and unfolds to create a great place to sleep.



Simply put, a futon is a sofa with a back that folds down to make a bed.



Walker can show you a wide variety of futons in a selection of covers. All with the Walker lowest price guarantee and quality.



Absolutely not. While a futon is perfect for a dorm room or a guest bedroom, they are also a stylish way to keep an extra bed around for occasional guests. Futon's look and feel like any good sofa, and no one needs to know that they can also "kick back" to become a bed.



Generally, futons are less expensive than traditional sofas. Depending on the manufacturer and the material, a futon can cost a few hundred dollars or more. The savings is in the fact that they replace two pieces of furniture – a sofa AND a bed. So for one price, you're getting a comfortable addition to any room, plus an extra bed when you need it. And rest assured (on your new futon) that no one can beat Walker's low prices on quality futons.

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Buying Bunk Beds? See the New Trends

However they arrive at this decision, many of our customers come to us to purchase bunk beds. At Walker Furniture, we know that trying to accommodate the needs of growing children with kids furniture in Las Vegas that is both comfortable and safe can be tricky. That is why we offer a variety of bunk bed styles, some with storage and stairs for additional safety and convenience.



People who grew up decades ago have come to expect that bunk beds look like two basic twin beds, with one stacked parallel on top of the other. The designs are far more varied now. Trends in bunk beds include:


  • Staggered sizing, with a Full or Queen bed on the bottom and a Twin bed on the top
  • Loft beds that do not necessarily require a bed on the bottom
  • Beds that are laid perpendicular to one another


Families have as many choices in bunk beds as there are colors in the rainbow. We suggest that our customers make a list of their needs in bunk beds, and come to check out our large selection.



These days, everyone wants to save space by adding storage into existing furniture pieces. We at Walker Furniture are totally on-board with this trend, since we know it helps homeowners keep their homes tidy and minimize clutter. However, nowhere is accessible storage more important than in the kids’ bedroom. That is why we offer a number of storage options for bunk beds, from drawer arrangements under the bottom bed, to loft and even trundle beds.



One of the best innovations in bunk beds is the addition of stairs. The stairs are a great place to install built-in drawers for extra storage. The decision to buy bunk beds opens up a world of exciting opportunities for kids to have a wonderful place to sleep and play. With our many choices in styles, storage and stairs, we at Walker Furniture help our customers take great satisfaction in their purchase of bunk beds.



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Which Bed Frame to Buy? It Depends on the Mattress

When people buy a new mattress, they do not often consider whether or not they need to buy a new bed to go with the mattress. Standard mattresses are versatile and can be put on almost any frame. However, certain mattresses, such as memory foam, require the use of a special bed frame to support them. At Walker Furniture in Las Vegas, we help our customers identify the right bed frame for different mattresses, from platform beds to metal bed frames.



Platform beds are very popular right now, and they represent the ultimate in support. A platform bed provides a flat, usually wood surface for the mattress. A box spring is typically not needed for a platform bed. Platform beds are much heavier and offer consistent support, which makes them ideal for memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are much heavier than standard mattresses and can break down over time if they do not have that solid support.



A bed frame with wood slats is the next possible choice for heavier mattresses like memory foam. The slats should be consistently spaced and laid out in a sturdy fashion so they do not move or collapse. Beds with slats may not require a box spring for additional support, but it can be helpful in certain circumstances. For example, if the bed sits low, we may recommend the purchase of a box spring or spring-free foundation to place the mattress at a higher level.


Metal Frame

A metal bed frame represents the least expensive of the different types of bed frames. A metal frame is there to support a box spring or foundation, over which the mattress is placed. Because the support can be inconsistent, metal bed frames are usually not appropriate for memory foam mattresses. However, they offer an inexpensive solution to our customers.

Buying a bed frame in Las Vegas can be a confusing process. With help from our experienced sales staff at Walker Furniture, our customers can select between platform beds, frames with wood slats and metal bed frames. Keeping these choices in mind, with their various considerations, allows consumers to make a more educated decision that will ensure greater customer satisfaction for years to come.

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