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How to Sleep Like a Log: Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Body
How to Sleep Like a Log: Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Body

So you’re thinking it’s about time for a new mattress. Maybe you’re waking up in the morning and your back has aches and pains in spots you never knew could talk! Maybe your teenage son is experiencing yet another growth spurt and his feet now extend way beyond the end of his bed. Maybe you’re downsizing and the new condo has a master bedroom that can’t accommodate your California King bed.

No matter the reason, if you’re shopping for a new mattress, you’re shopping at the right time and in the right place! Walker Furniture’s trained Certified Sleep Experts are ready to help you find the mattress that gives you the best shut-eye of your life!

Gifts He'll Love

Historically, Dads get the short end of the stick on parental holidays. Fifty million less cards are sent to fathers than mothers to commemorate the day and hardly any flowers. That just doesn't seem right to us.

So, we've rounded up some great ideas to knock his socks off this year and also some fun facts to bring up at lunch.

Furniture Lasts Literally Years Longer than Carnations or Lunch.
Furniture Lasts Literally Years Longer than Carnations or Lunch.

Whether it’s from literally giving birth, to you to raising you, to fixing meals and sewing for clothes for you and providing you a home or taking care of you emotionally, that’s a lot of work. Day in day out, for their entire lifetime. Moms can’t help it. Moms are moms. And they work darned hard, often in the background making things work in ways you don’t even notice. They lay the groundwork for your early life, and your early life is the groundwork for your entire life. This is not even remotely an exaggeration.

Is it Time to Shop for a New Mattress? How about an Adjustable Power Base? What You Need to Know.
Adjustable Base Mattress from Walker Furniture

A mattress isn't on full display like other pieces of furniture in your home. It's covered in linens, you drop onto it at the end of a long day, and go to sleep. It's a very easy piece of furniture to not think about too much.

However, the fact remains you spend about 1/3 of your life on your very forgettable mattress. The right one can transform your life and have a huge impact on how you feel. Is it time for you to shop for a new one?