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How to Create a Bedroom Oasis
How to Create a Bedroom Oasis

Sleep researchers tell us that the average adult needs seven to eight hours sleep each night to stay healthy. Experts tout the value of exercise, power naps, and eliminating (or at least, reducing!) caffeine intake. “Take a warm bath,” they say. “Sip a cup tea. Eat light at night. Practice yoga. Infuse your bedroom with essential oils.” If we did all these things every night—productive as they are—we’d never have the time to sleep the seven to eight hours they recommend!

Here’s a few great ideas for a good night’s sleep from the sleep experts at Walker Furniture you can easily initiate in a couple of hours on a weekend afternoon that can turn your bedroom into the haven of your dreams.

What's Happening in the Bedroom
Master Bedroom Sanctuary at Walker Furniture

Only a fraction of the people who enter our home make it to your bedroom. That's why it's often the most over looked room in your home. Nobody sees it but your and your closest family and friends, so it's easy to invest in other things.

But the truth is, you're spending a lot of time in your bedroom. It's your most personal space. Where you start each day and end each night.