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How to Choose a Dining Table Set for Your Home: Part I
How to Choose a Dining Table Set for Your Home: Part I

For many of us, the phrase “fine dining,” brings to mind images of a trendy restaurant that is as elegant and sumptuous as its designer menu. Exotic aromas and flavors conjured in the kitchen of a genial celebrity chef, top-notch service, stunning presentation of the specialties of the house and often, a pricey reckoning at the end of the meal often make for a memorable evening.

Menu, of course, is important. But ambiance—the character and atmosphere of the dining room itself and the gracious attitude of the people who prepare and serve the food—is the stage on which any meal becomes a memorable “fine dining” experience.

Walker Furniture is here to tell you that five-star dining is not the exclusive province of an upscale restaurant. With a little help from us and the specialty of your house in the oven, you can create a “fine dining” experience in your home around your dining table.