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Earth Tones
Earth Tones

When studying the psychology of colors, earth tones are good ones. They evoke feelings of wholesomeness and reliability. They are stabilizing colors, the color of the earth, and are associated with nature. Flat and muted they are said to be nourishing.

Who We Are. A Letter from Larry.
Who We Are. A Letter from Larry.

We believe, where you buy your furniture from matters.

The selection, the price, the experience you have. Furniture is a unique product, you bring it into your home and it lives your life with you. Furniture is personal.

Farmhouse Style When You Don’t Live on a Farm
Farmhouse Style When You Don’t Live on a Farm

Farmhouse style oozes warmth, charm, and simplicity. It is not about the color eggshell blue, frilly doilies, and roosters. The style is most connected with Chip & Joanna Gaines from the popular show TV show Fixer Upper. The show has ended, but the love for this style is as hot as ever.

Here’s how to create it in your own space, and YES it works even in Las Vegas.

Storage Solutions for Any Room
Accent Cabinets at Walker Furniture

The accent storage piece is among the most versatile pieces of furniture you'll find. They add storage, warmth, and functionality to any room.

Color your home! Some guidelines to getting it right.
A colorful living room

Giving your home a refresh is a time-honored action at this time of year.

It's also a great time to evaluate the color palette for your home. Sound hard? It's not with these easy tips.

What's Happening in the Bedroom
Master Bedroom Sanctuary at Walker Furniture

Only a fraction of the people who enter our home make it to your bedroom. That's why it's often the most over looked room in your home. Nobody sees it but your and your closest family and friends, so it's easy to invest in other things.

But the truth is, you're spending a lot of time in your bedroom. It's your most personal space. Where you start each day and end each night.

Bring the Inside Out
Outdoor Furniture at Walker Furniture

Maybe not in the throes of summer, but for much of the year, the weather in Las Vegas is perfect for outdoor entertaining. The outdoor living trend is hotter than ever. Making the most of your outdoor space is being supported with innovative furniture, fire pits, and other accessories that make outdoors like indoors, but better.

Home Entertainment Furniture at Your Service
Fireplace Entertainment Center at Walker Furniture

Rapidly changing technology has changed how we live in our homes. Do you want a dedicated home theater? Do you prefer to project something off your phone? Any gamers in your home? These are questions we wouldn't have been asking a few short years ago.

These changes turn some tried and true home entertainment planning tips on their heads. Make sure your living space isn't designed for a world of black & white when we are living in an HD brilliant world.

How to Throw A Basketball Viewing Party!
Get Ready for March Madness. How to Throw A Basketball Viewing Party!

March is a big month for basketball. College championships are in full swing and the madness is contagious.

Innovative Power Furniture Changes Everything
Power Sectional at Walker Furniture

Furniture used to just sit there. Strong people were required to move it from time to time, but other than that it stayed the same. Day in and day out.

Rapid technology advancements have now revamped what a sofa, night table, or desk does. Simply add a little power and it's a whole new ballgame.