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Celebrate National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day January 31st

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, Man discovered fire. In due time, Man saw fire was good. It brought protection. It made foraging for food easier. It provided warmth. It gave light. Man then began to contemplate, and create, mastery of this discovery, of every discovery we made. This impetus for self-mastery led to revolutionary changes not only in how we lived—how we survived—but also in how we thought about and expressed our desire for self–mastery—how we thrived.

It took a while in the grand scheme of things for Man to invest our thoughts and actions with meaning—to move beyond recording our day-to-day events in cave paintings and creating tools and artifacts that made life easier. Handicrafts made from shells, bones and stones—the oldest human art—demonstrated Man’s artistry. Pictographs and symbols became cuneiform script, and hieroglyphics written on clay tablets eventually gave rise to syntax and syllables. (1)

These events occurred simultaneously around the globe in an artistic spontaneous combustion. Experts disagree as to exact time and place all this happened, and whether what was discovered (pottery, jewelry, clothes, sculpture, tools, weapons, dances and songs, and so forth) could be properly classified as “art.” For our purposes in this blog, it’s not the “where” or the “when” or the “who” or even the “what” that’s important, but that art has been the means Man used to express and share what is in our heart for thousands (or millions) of years.

That art emerged from the discovery of fire is an apt metaphor. Inspiration—and Beauty, itself—are fires that burn, to varying degrees, in the hearts of all Men. Now, thousands (or millions) of years after Man caught on to the need to express what is meaningful, some artistic soul got the bright idea to make January 31st National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day!

Walker Furniture invites you to join the celebration, to open your heart to art, and visit our in-store displays in our showrooms and feast your eyes on the beautiful art pieces we carry.

We understand that purchasing art for your home is about far more than decorating. Art is a powerful partner that has the ability to calm and comfort in the midst of change, to inspire new ways of thinking, to give us the courage to explore new solutions and express original ideas. If a piece of pottery or glass or a painting or sculpture we sell in our showrooms “speaks” to your heart or lifts your mind, if it tells you a story that reflects who you are or who you want to be, make it your own.

At Walker Furniture, it’s part of our job to light a fire in your heart.