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Walker Furniture Customer Testimonials

Allan E.

My wife and I have been buying furniture here for years now and have always been happy with the price and the quality. Today we went in to take advantage of the sale on bedroom sets because we wanted to buy a new bedroom set for our daughter. The prices were so good we ended up buying two bedroom sets and have a new bedroom set for the guest room now. Eric Ho was our salesman, but we have always had great luck with the sales people at Walkers. Always very friendly and willing to help.

In December we bought a new sofa and chair to replace a set we also bought at Walkers over 6 years ago. I can tell you that sofa saw a lot of use over the last 6 years and was still in pretty good shape, but my wife wanted to replace it.

I'm also impressed with Walkers giving back to the community at Christmas Time and each year they give away more and more houses full of furniture to those families who can't afford furniture. I believe last Christmas they gave away over 20 homes full of furniture, not just a room, a home full.

So my wife and I said today on the way home, I guess next time we'll have to buy a new bedroom set for our room, since we haven't replaced that set since before our kids were born over 20 years ago.

We have shopped at other stores, but always end up going back to Walkers, so I guess that says it all.

Lynne V.

A lot of beautiful furniture. The selection of funiture was overwhelming. After we purchased our office furniture, my husband and I walked around admiring the selection of sofas they had on the floor and marveled at the crowd in the showroom. It seemed that everyone was just as amazed as we were to see such a large selection with great price tags.

Edward G.

Just excellent, me and my family have been buying furniture from this place for well over a decade and anytime we have a problem their customer service is there. Best place in town

Chris H.

Walker provides a broad selection of furniture for every nook and cranny of your home. My wife and I absolutely love the place. She never fails to find something that she really likes and I have to say, their prices are quite reasonable. From the engaging sales team in their showrooms to the very professional warehouse staff, we have always enjoyed our Walker Furniture experience. We have their products throughout our place... Living room, Family room, 2 of our 4 bedrooms and the home office loft.

We once had a minor problem with legs on a couch that we picked up at the warehouse. Walker Customer Service stepped right in and resolved all issues quickly and professionally.

Selection, Quality, Price & Customer Service... Walker Furniture!