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How to Create a Bedroom Oasis

Sleep researchers tell us that the average adult needs seven to eight hours sleep each night to stay healthy. Experts tout the value of exercise, power naps, and eliminating (or at least, reducing!) caffeine intake. “Take a warm bath,” they say. “Sip a cup tea. Eat light at night. Practice yoga. Infuse your bedroom with essential oils.” If we did all these things every night—productive as they are—we’d never have the time to sleep the seven to eight hours they recommend!

How to Create a Bedroom Oasis

Here’s a few great ideas for a good night’s sleep from the sleep experts at Walker Furniture you can easily initiate in a couple of hours on a weekend afternoon that can turn your bedroom into the haven of your dreams:

  • Unlike other rooms in your house that are multi-purpose encounter zones, keep your bedroom off limits to the whirlwind of daily activity. Bedrooms are the place you go to unwind. Keep yours calm, comfortable. and cozy.
  • Remove clutter—magazines and newspapers, mail, To-Do Lists, dirty clothes, clean clothes not yet put away, etc., etc. Invest in cabinets and dressers that allow you store (or hide) the visible unrest of piles and tangles that keep you from falling asleep.
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  • Don’t crowd your bedroom with a lot of furniture. Remove the exercise bike and the file cabinets and, if you have the space, create a reading or meditation nook with a small chair or a settee and table, a table lamp, candles and a screen or a room pider to add privacy.
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  • Remove or hide electronic gizmos. Keep your laptop, cell phone and television elsewhere or put them in a cabinet or dresser for the night. Consider replacing your TV with a sound system and play music that helps you unwind or lulls you to sleep.
  • Remove bright overhead lightening. Invest in small table lamps and dimmer switches that create a relaxed ambience.
  • Add leafy, low-maintenance plants that give your bedroom a tranquil, natural feel and purify the air.
  • Decorate in graduated shades of one color, preferably a soft, restful color. Scientists say blue is great color in a bedroom. It affects the autonomic (unconscious) nervous system, lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, and slows breathing. (1)
  • Invest in Good Bedding. Walker Furniture studied the latest sleep research and tested the best mattresses on the market. We carry the largest selection of mattresses in Nevada, including Serta®, Sealy®, Tempur-pedic®, iComfort®, Easyrest® and even designed our own brand of Walker Sleep Mattresses. Our team of Certified Sleep Experts can help you pinpoint your unique needs and guide you to the mattresses, bed frames and power adjustable bases, pillows and mattresses protectors that meet your needs.
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  • Bedding also includes sheets, blankets, throws and pillows that create a primo “tucked-in experience.” Choose soft, high-quality fabrics, in solid colors or subtle patterns that won’t pill or wear when washed.

If you like to read in bed consider our Gianni tufted headboard to support your back and neck while you read.

One final touch. Nothing says “relaxed and cozy” like a fireplace in the bedroom. Our faux fireplaces also add instant warmth to any room. Some even come with storage space!

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Whether you want to catch an extra forty winks on the weekend or sail to the land of Nod each night, we’re here to help. Walker Furniture is in the business of making dreams come true.