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Making Your House A Home

There's No Place Like Home

This year marks the 80th anniversary of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s iconic film, “The Wizard of Oz.” Movie lore has it that the script underwent several rewrites and there were enumerable production and cast changes before filming began. Even with all the revisions, its inspired storytelling, award-winning musical score, and memorable characters shaped popular culture for generations and made it the most seen film in American cinematic history. (1)

In its classic final scene, Glinda, the Good Witch, tells Dorothy, "Tap your heels together three times and think to yourself 'There's no place like home.'" This two-and-a-half minute sequence tugged at the heartstrings of thousands of moviegoers and endowed the collective understanding of "home" with mythic status. Who among us did not breathe a sigh of relief when Dorothy found her way back into the comforting arms of Auntie Em and Uncle Henry; when Lion and Tin Man and Scarecrow—when even the Wizard—proved to be devoted and loving friends!

Still waters run deep.

Just as no one is born knowing how to buy a house, no one is born knowing how to turn four walls and a roof into a “home.” We know we want to live in a place that’s safe, quiet, clean, affordable, convenient, durable and dependable. But, as Dorothy taught us, “home” is also the place where we can be fully ourselves. The place where life happens. The place where love begins and grows.

We all know a "home" — ours or someone else's — when we see it. We walk through the front door and we immediately feel welcomed. Everything seems to … fit. There’s a harmony. An air of familiarity. We feel at ease. We laugh. We appreciate. We feel grateful.

As it was with Dorothy, “home” is also the place, the backdrop, where story — ours or someone else’s — unfolds. It’s the place where we learn to connect with the world, where we recognize how we are alike and what we might learn from others, where we share what is meaningful. In that sense, "home" is our larger body. Maybe even a window into our heart.

Telling your story.

It doesn’t matter if "home" is an apartment, a condo, a tract house or a mansion. It doesn’t even matter if there are conspicuous dings and scratches on the furniture or if kitchen cabinets need refinishing or the garden needs replanting. These bits and pieces of incompleteness are evidence of a life in progress. A happy home is not about having everything look perfect or about the comfort of having elegant or trendy "things." But the things in a home do tell us a lot about the person who lives there—where a person has been, where they are now, and where they want to go. They tell you what’s important to them. What they value. They allow you to share the experience of another’s life.

Walking the Yellow Brick Road.

Turning your house into a home is a bit like following the yellow brick road. Like the creators of “The Wizard of Oz,” like Dorothy herself, you will wander for a while in unfamiliar territory until you get it right. But like Dorothy and her friends, wandering helps you discover you have the heart, the brains and the courage to make “home” a living reality.


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