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New Year. New Room. New You.

The New Year is traditionally a time for a fresh start. New beginnings. Resolutions. Turning over that proverbial “new leaf.” Initiating some of those pesky little refinements in self and circumstance that keep us from being and doing what we love. Self-improvement has become America’s hobby! Who among us does not want to make our dreams come true?

So we make lists. We put a quote on the refrigerator to inspire us. We program reminders into our phones. And then, as the weeks and months unfold, our resolve fades or slips away. By year’s end, only 8% of Americans realize our New Year’s goals. (1)

The experts advise us to keep our resolutions simple, make our goals tangible and obvious, and encourage us to believe in ourselves.1. Some people set concrete weekly goals. Some keep track of their efforts in journals. Some create vision boards—an artfully arranged montage of words and pictures that represent the life they want to create. There are as many strategies for creating New Year’s resolutions as there are recipes for apple pie—or stars in the sky if weight loss is one of your resolutions!

Setting goals for the new year!

But after we’ve made those simple, obvious and tangible resolutions, what then? How do we become part of that 8%? Here’s a few tips taken from the pages of Walker Furniture’s success story to help you keep your flame burning.

Walker Furniture has been voted the Best of Las Vegas Gold Winner 6 years in a row. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best selection of furniture and mattresses at the best prices with the best customer service available anywhere in Las Vegas because we want our customers to create beautiful, comfortable homes and offices that reflect their individual style and needs. And we do a great job at meeting that goal year after year after year!

One of the ways Walker makes good on this promise is to provide our customers with everything you need to meet your goals in one convenient place: great product and selection, unbeatable prices, superb customer service, same day financing and delivery, and in-home design services. Why, we’ll even pick up your old furniture and donate it to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission or the Salvation Army and send you the receipt for your tax deduction! Once you walk thorough our door, everything is at your fingertips.

Dining Room Sets at Walker Furniture

So, how does this relate to accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions?

What we’re proposing here is that you do as Walker does and make everything for and in your immediate environment support the fulfillment of your goals and dreams.

1. Start by getting rid of the clutter, those things in your house or office that no longer reflect and support “the new you:” pillows or rugs that are faded or worn, the chair or dining room set or file cabinet that’s seen better days; those knickknacks or books that are just collecting dust or are part of a “you” you’ve outgrown. In other words, make the space for the “new you” to arrive.

(Walker does this daily at our WOW Outlet Warehouse sales. Follow our lead and have a garage sale!)

2. Then do a preemptive bit of “Spring cleaning.” This, too, makes space to “(b)ring in the new!” 

Interior Design Grouping of Items3. Next, rearrange and reorganize what you have. Create a “floor display” that gives a prominent place to those things in your home you love--be they Granny’s favorite teapot or a painting that reminds you of a time or place or state of mind that inspires you or connects you to your heart desires.

Create new groupings of pottery, pillows, photos or artwork that represent (and re-present) your goals so you keep reminders of the “new you” before you. For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds, arrange 10 votive candles on the mantle and light a candle for each pound lost. If you have resolved to be more punctual, move that heirloom Grandfather clock by the front door so you can see it just before you leave your home.

This process may require a bit of imagination on your part to create the metaphors or symbols that “illustrate” your goals. But anything goes! Your job is to devise the connections that speak to you and inspire you to keep your goals before you. The idea is to use your whole brain—the creative, imagistic, metaphorical right side of your brain and the linear, list making, left side of your brain—to get the job done.

Reorganizing what you have can also help you see that you already have the seeds for achieving your goals at your fingertips. Noticing your potential is key to helping you believe in yourself.

4. Then, fill in the space with new things you love, with things that remind you of who you are becoming--a beautiful new desk that makes working at home or writing your novel a breeze (; a dining room set that makes empty nest entertaining a joy (; a bedroom set that welcomes you after a long day at work. ( (

5. Once you have the pieces in place, add what’s missing Paint a wall. Or a room. Bring in more light. Toss those shabby plants and bring in a healthy leafy schefflera tree or ficus plant it in a bright colored ceramic pot.  If you’re stumped about how to proceed, contact Walker’s team of professional interior designers to get your juices flowing. Part of Walker’s success story is that we partner with qualified and dedicated others to get the job done. You can too!

The average American spends 87% of their life indoors--at home and at work. (2) Using your outer environment, home or office, as a visual cue, as a living vision board, can nourish your inner environment and remind you that accomplishing your resolutions is well worth the effort.