Recliners For Every Body!

One of life’s greatest yet most unsung pleasures occurs at the end of a long day when you finally hunker down in your favorite easy chair and put your feet up.

You know what I’m talking about. Your work day is over. The dishes are done. The house is quiet. You slide into your chair, stretch out your legs, adjust your back to accommodate it’s aches and pains, then put your feet up and your head back, and pay silent tribute to the end of the day.

For this purpose came the recliner chair! And Walker Furniture has the largest selection of recliners in Clark County!

In it's early days, the recliner chair embodied a certain mystique; it was a “man’s chair.” But that’s simply no longer the case. Recliner chairs (and oveseats and sofas) are for everyone, for every size and shape, for every body! They have several amazing health benefits.Here’s 5 of them!

1) Reclining Improves Circulation

Sitting at a desk, driving or being on your feet all day causes blood to collect in the lower part of your body. “Kicking your feet up” elevates your legs above your heart. This redistributes the blood flow and jump starts your circulation. Reclining helps gravity naturally reduce the stress and inflammation that builds up in the lower body when you are sedentary or on your feet all day. It’s a great “tonic” to alleviate the discomfort of varicose veins, leg cramps and sore feet.

Lift Recliner at Walker Furniture

2) Reclining Provides Relief from Back Pain

Elevating your feet takes the pressure off your lower back. Reclining redistributes and sends blood to the core muscles and tendons that do the work of balancing your upper and lower body all day. It helps muscles and tendons relax, recover, and grow stronger. Reclining is also especially helpful during pregnancy!

3) Reclining Helps You Breathe More Easily

Sitting and sleeping in a recliner opens up your diaphragm and helps you breathe more deeply and easily. Slow deep breathing calms the heart and the mind and induces a “relaxation response.”  If you doze off in your recliner, you’re also less likely to snore or have bouts of sleep apnea—not only because you are more relaxed, but because you are in an upright position.

4) Reclining Supports Better Digestion

Sitting in a recliner helps reduce heartburn, acid reflux, and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Sitting keeps stomach acid in the stomach where it can aid digestion and allows your digestive system to more fully process your food.

5) Reclining Provides Stress Reduction

Below the surface activity of your busy outer life, your neurological system is constantly “wiring and firing,” making thousands of mental and emotional connections that keep you vertical and functional throughout the day. Reclining gives your nervous system a much-needed break from the rapid-fire pace of what’s happening inside you as well as what’s happening in your outer life. It gives the mind-body a chance to regroup, restore, and strengthens all those necessary connections for another day! A quiet clear mind, a peaceful heart are the foundation of effective decision-making.

Recliners now come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Walker has them all: manual push-back recliner chairs, loveseat and sofas, and similar recliners with built-in remote control; recliners equipped with USB charging stations, lift chair and rockers.

Rainbow Chairs at Walker Furniture

So many recliners!

How do you choose the one that’s right for you?  Walker Furniture has created a “laid back” 7 step guide to make your decision as easy as, well … reclining in your favorite chair.  Click on the download button below and “take a load off!”