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Tips for Moving to Las Vegas

Mention that you are moving to Las Vegas and the first thing most people think of is the legendary Las Vegas Strip. With it’s luxury hotels, fine dining establishments, sweeping convention facilities, and posh casinos, Vegas is a world-class destination. Where else can you see the Eiffel Tower, the Sphinx, and an endlessly erupting volcano all in one evening! Not to mention Wayne Newton, Celine Dion, and Penn and Teller!

Welcome to Las Vegas

Vegas may be a weekend town for the 42.9 million people who visited here in 2019, but travel and tourism provide permanent jobs for 44% of Southern Nevada’s workforce.1. Jobs mean schools, medical facilities, shopping, construction, parks and recreation, highways and transportation industries to support the 2 million residents who call the greater Las Vegas Valley “home.”

It’s no surprise to those who do end up settling in the Valley that most of our neighbors have moved here from someplace else. Besides the nightlife and the job opportunities, the warm climate--the desert itself-- are very alluring.

Las Vegas is also a city known for its big heart. Working in conjunction with other local businesses and community service agencies, Walker Furniture celebrated our 25th anniversary of “Home for the Holidays,” our flagship philanthropy program that provides housefuls of furniture to 35 local families in need. We also spearhead several programs to help our local vets and public school children throughout Clark County. All in all, Las Vegas is a great place to land.

Neighbor to neighbor, here are some tips to help you navigate your move and welcome you to our community:

  • An arid desert valley, Las Vegas does get toasty in the summer. Temperatures in June and July average around 105 degrees. Spring and Autumn months boast beautiful mild days in the mid-70s and cool, breezy nights. Winter daytime temps run 60 degrees, and overnight temps can hover in the 30’s.

    That said, if possible, it’s a good idea to schedule your move for the early fall or early spring when temperatures haven’t peaked and tourists aren’t bursting the seams of the city. If you’re not a veteran of desert living, spread your move-in over a few days to give your body time to adjust to the new normal of living in the desert heat. Make sure you (and your pets!) keep well hydrated throughout the day and take some down time to cool off at night.
  • Las Vegas is a city that grows out rather than up. Except for the high-rise condominiums on The Strip, the city has upsized horizontally into thoughtfully planned desert communities for families, singles and seniors that provide all the basic services you’re looking for in a neighborhood—great schools, good shopping, fine medical services, ample parks, active community and senior centers—with considerably less traffic than you find downtown.

The following media outlets can help you learn more about City and what each neighborhood has to offer:

  • Las Vegas Review-Journal covers local and international news, sports, business, health and fitness, and provides a wealth of information on local entertainment hotspots.
  • The Las Vegas Sun covers local and international news, sports, politics and entertainment. It can be found on newsstands throughout Las Vegas.
  • Las Vegas Weekly, a free alternative publication that hits stands on Thursdays and covers the local arts and entertainment scene.
  • El Mundo Las Vegas is the city’s most widely read Spanish-language newspaper and can be found free of charge on newsstands throughout the city.

Local TV stations.

A few other tidbits!

  • With over 300,000 enrolled students, Clark County has the fifth-largest school district in the United States. Check here for a complete list of schools in the County. For more information on zoned schools within a given neighborhood, enter your street address here.
  • Las Vegas and its primary suburbs share most city and county government programs. With five regional Department of Motor Vehicles locations in the greater Las Vegas area, getting your new state vehicle registration is relatively easy.
  • If possible, avoid The Strip and downtown when first trying to maneuver the city. Both areas are heavily populated year-round and can easily double your travel time into the Valley.
  • Pay attention to parking signs and meters. Las Vegas public servants do this, too! The last thing you need on moving day is a parking ticket!
  • For dog and cat lovers, the city requires permits for any household pets. If you are an animal lover or a breeder, the City requires a special pet fancier permit.
  • Last but not least …. Need a new bed for the kids’ room, patio furniture or a new couch for the living room? Stop by our Walker Furniture showrooms at 301 S. Martin Luther King Blvd., downtown Las Vegas, and at 671 Marks Street in the Sunmark Plaza off Sunset Road in Henderson Valley. The Walker Furniture Family has been a part of the Las Vegas community since 1955, and has been voted best furniture store in Las Vegas 6 years running.

Neighbor to neighbor, let us be the first to say, “Welcome home!”

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