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Turn Your Home Into A Cozy Winter Retreat

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Jack Frost nipping at your nose.” Not exactly what comes to mind when you think about winter in Las Vegas! Still, Nevada’s cooler weather, the holidays, and the often nostalgic look at the end of another year can stir a hankering for “cozy” and “comfy,” especially as we gather with family and friends.

So, though the rest of the country may think we’ve got it made here in Las Vegas when daytime temperatures drop into the ‘50’s, Las Vegans still want to “nest.” Here are a few simple and affordable tips that can bring comfort and joy to every room in your house.

If your floors are tiled or if they’re covered with sisal or cotton rugs, adding a pile throw rug in seasonal colors or a neutral-colored furry area rug creates warmth and depth (and heat!) in any room. “Layering” is all the rage in home decorating this winter, so even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, adding an additional throw rug on top of your carpet creates a trendy and cozy look to your room–especially in the bedroom where you first put feet to cold floor in the early morning! Be sure to use rug pads underneath your rug to avoid slipping.

Another tip: Toss a nubby woven throw on the bed or over the couch. Nothing says “nostalgia” like a beautiful quilt, especially if it’s a family heirloom. Quilts are typically draped over a bed or a couch, but try hanging yours on a wall or over a door, or display several quilts on a decorative wooden or bamboo ladder that leans against a wall. Quilts also make great table runners and tablecloths.  

Think about layering your linens, not only on your bed, but on your dining table by putting placemats atop tablecloths. Layer your dishtowels in the kitchen! Skirt end tables! Cover wooden or metal cafe chairs with slipcovers! The more layers, the cozier the feel.  

Don’t forget to pile on the pillows! A trendy furry pillow on the couch or bed, one or two or three textured throw pillows in a nubby boucle, a woolly cable knit, or a rich velvet hue like forest green, navy blue, amethyst or deep port--all hot colors this season—are an invitation to unwind.

Changing your lighting by putting soft white or yellow light bulbs in a table lamp or chandelier adds a candlelight glow to any room. Copper wire string-lights are not just for the tree! Copper wire not only provides flexibility to the light strand, it increases the shimmery effect of the lights. Weave strands around a mantel, a banister, a door, a garland, a mirror—anything goes!

Collections of candles in assorted candleholders that have a common theme (wood, rod iron, antique, etc.) or color palette create cohesiveness. Arrange them on a mantel, dining table or bookcase with pine cones, sticks of cinnamon tied in a bright ribbon, a bowl of fragrant citrus potpourri or amidst a seasonal wreath. Layer taller items in back in a symmetrical or asymmetrical array.

Put your memories on display, heirloom collectables as wells as photos. They won’t technically make your space warmer, but a mantel of holiday cards and family photos warms the heart.

If you have a fireplace, the mantel is a good place to start decorating, as the fireplace is often a main focal point in a winter room. Shelve the light-colored wicker baskets for warmer days and fill a leather log carrier or a wooden, brass, or black iron log basket with birch logs for a great effect. Then rearrange your furniture to take advantage of the fire.

If you don’t have a fireplace Walker Furniture can change that in a heartbeat! Here’s three of our best-selling indoor electric fireplaces in different styles and an outdoor fire pit destined to add charm and warmth to your home! Check them out, then deck the halls!