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Upgrade Your Patio

The latest rage in patio decorating this year is what interior designers call “outdoor homing.” In interior designer-speak, outdoor homing is all about creating a patio area that’s an extension of the interior of your home. (1) Inside / outside all seem to flow with ease and grace, one to the other.

The patio is officially the new resort, a staycation getaway spot that vies with any vacation retreat for your time and attention, but without the crowds of nameless tourists, the hassles of travel, and the big-ticket price tags.

Similar in style, color, and design to the interior of your home, patio pieces move beyond the traditional chaise and barbecue to include natural and modern furniture, bright colors, mixed fabrics and accent pieces that say, “Cozy on up! Right here! Right now!”

Here’s what’s in!

Comfort is the Thing!

In fact, it’s at the top of the list. Think spacious lounges and wide armchairs! Think room to stretch out. Think soft, cuddly cushions.

Cusp Patio Set at Walker Furniture

Retro Is All the Rage 

Already a hot trend in interior furnishings, retro chic is finding its way onto the patio. Metal chairs and benches look particularly classic. Because the forms are more rounded and hollowed out in shape, and because they have a high back, retro furniture is also particularly comfortable.

Nofi Patio Set Walker Furniture

Gone are the days of tacky flower printed patio cushions. Retro-chic means bright colors: strong oranges or greens, turquoise, stripes, and lots of mix and match colors combos and fabrics. Add an old porch swing, some wicker tables and wicker baskets of flowers to create tres Retro appeal.

We’re Talking More than Beach Chairs Around a Barbeque

Patio kitchens and bars have skyrocketed in popularity, so choosing the right furniture for a seating area is important. (2) Do you want a full outdoor dining set. A bistro set? What will best serve your needs? Think about a wicker chest that doubles as a coffee table as well as serves as a place to store outdoor linens and plates.

Fire pits are an excellent option as well as a “hot” new trend in outdoor homing. Use them as a decorative focal point, for cooking, for heating, and the always popular cozying up.

Aspire Patio Set with Fire Pit Walker Furniture

Partanna Fire Pit Walker Furniture

Check out the ultimate fire pit buying guide for more information.

Lightweight and Easy To Store Pieces

We all know how fast the sun moves across the sky during a Nevada summer day! A wood chaise looks terrific, but pieces made of rattan or metal are much easier to move into the sun, especially during the heat of the day.

And lightweight and stack-easy furniture is a plus at the end of the season when it comes time to store the furniture for the winter.

We’re not talking about the flimsy, plastic patio furniture of the ‘80s. A 2019 “lightweight” means sleek, contemporary, and versatile.

Windy Patio Loveseat Walker Furniture

Plenty of Light

Once the sun goes down, lighting takes center stage. Think creatively! Stick solar lights into the ground to create and light a pathway. Try one of the new outdoor floor lamps. (Some are weatherproof!) Add lights to flower pots. Drape LED light strings in the trees or inside an awning or patio umbrella for an elegant or a whimsical look. Or to set the mood for a romantic evening.

The whole idea is to make your balcony, backyard, porch, deck, and/or pool area an extension of your living room. Think of it as your hideaway, the clubhouse you always wanted as a kid, your spa, your retreat, your sanctuary. Think about what makes you breathe a little easier, what it feels like to be in “the zone,” that feeling of being at home within yourself. Then, create the space to make that happen!