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What Every Mobile Device User Should Know About USB Charging Furniture

Got a Smartphone? A Smartwatch? A tablet? A laptop? Who doesn’t these days! We are a nation of multi-taskers—for better and for worse! Time and convenience have become our most precious commodities. We are also a nation steeped in technology. Just as we need mobile devices to help us keep all our balls in the air, we now need more available, more convenient, more user-friendly charging stations to keep our devices operational.

Taking Charge

The evolution of modern technology is busier than ever doing what it’s always done, creating new ways to make the transition from yesterday to today to tomorrow seamless. On a moment-to-moment basis! It’s not surprising that the words “charging chaos” have found their way into our conversations to describe the panic we experience when our mobile devices run out of juice.

It’s also not surprising that furniture makers have responded to our need by creating furniture—couches, chairs, desks, headboards and nightstands, cabinets, tables, lamps—that feature built in wireless charging technology and USB ports. All we have to do is position our chair or table near a wall plug and plug our mobile devices in to the power source. And Voila!

Most of these charging solutions aren’t completely wireless, but the cords can easily be hidden against a wall, instead of lying in a tangled mess across the floor. And though they take a little longer to recharge a mobile device, you can recharge while you’re watching a movie, reading a book, or taking a nap! (1)

Charging technology is evolving quickly to the point where simply setting a phone on a wireless charging mat will be the norm. These products are Qi-certified, a growing global standard, which means they automatically work with a number of the newer model Smartphone’s, including Google’s Nexus phones and several Nokia Lumia phones. Newer model Samsung Galaxy phones and Apple iPhones also work with the technology, but need special glass cases that allow induction charging to occur.  (1)

Walker Furniture’s favorite choices in tech-charging furniture

Our contemporary Axis L-shape desk is both handsome and efficient. Made of ash solids and veneers, with three USB ports and two power outlets located in a recessed Power Center on top of the desk, it is a streamlined and labor-saving addition to any home office.

USB Charging Desk at Walker Furniture

Recharge in more ways than one in Walker’s Chadwick Power Recliner. Its genuine Italian leather upholstery enfolds you in comfort and its side built-in USB port allows you to power up your mobile devices all at the same time! Matching loveseats and sofas with built-in USB ports are also available.

USB Charging Recliner at Walker Furniture

Take a glance at the elegant design of our rustic Weatherford nightstand and you may be surprised to discover that it comes fully equipped with a USB port that can accommodate four mobile devices in the back.

USB Charging Nightstand

For more examples of Walker Furniture’s growing line of wireless power USB charging furniture, plug in to