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What’s Your Design Style?

Do you like to hunker down with a good book? Cozy up with your honey? Party with your pals? Keep it on the down low? Go with the flow? Tune in and turn off?

Whether you’re looking for a little “Apartment Therapy” or your home needs a touch of this or a touch of that to perk things up, whether your starting from scratch or in the market for a whole new look, lifestyle questions such as those in Walker’s Design Style Quiz can start you thinking—in general terms—about how and what to choose to make you living space a true reflection of what you love.

There are ABSOLUTELY no wrong answers!

Deciding on your next couch or dining set, the right rug or patio furniture for your home is no easy task. What “works” is more than a matter of color and size, budget and latest trend. What “works” is as unique as you are!

Whatever your preferences, habits or taste, Walker Furniture believes your home should reflect you. Not the latest design trends; not even the “best deal!” Your style creates a living space (pun intended!) that makes you feel “at home” the moment you walk through the door.

So really, as long as you’re telling it like you see it, there are no wrong answers!

Take our Life Style Quiz and get the ball rolling!

We’ve made it simple. We ask a few easy questions: How you spend your free time. Who you spend your time with. What colors you like. That sort of thing. It’s not rocket science. Then we automatically calculate your Design Style.

Modern is all about clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Less is more. Texture, shape, and function create harmony and tie your room together. Simplicity makes the statement. 

Contemporaris also about crisp, clean design, but bold choices create a sleek and sophisticated look. Straight lines and defined geometric shapes, neutral colors with a bold splash of accent pillows provide balance. 

Casual is laid back and warm. Furnishings and colors reflect a comfortable environment that invites relaxation; that’s also inviting for family and friends. 

Rustic has a natural outdoorsy feel. Deep natural earth tones like chocolate and tan convey your earthy style. Woven, textured materials, natural leathers and plants add accent. 

Traditional conveys a sense of history and simple sophistication. Rich details like button tufting, rolled arms, or nail head trim communicate an elegant vibe. 

Transitional is a marriage of traditional and contemporary. Lines are simple yet sophisticated, a meshing of both elements. 

Once you have a sense of what really appeals to you, make an appointment with our design staff and come into the store. Listen to what our designers have to say. Try things on for size. It’s a journey.

Walker Furniture has the largest selection of home furnishings in the Las Vegas Valley. Maybe even invite our designers to come by your home and get a feel for the place. Then, by all means! Let the good times roll!