What's Your Sofa Style?

Looking for a new sofa? Let’s get down to brass tacks. (Literally as well as figuratively!) This means knowing what to look for in a sofa, knowing the basic facts of what makes a “good sofa” good—even before we talk about style, color and fabric selection.

Because, after all is said and done, your sofa will be a long-term companion, a dependable buddy, a compadre you come home to and take comfort in day after day after day. You’ll let your hair down on your sofa; you’ll curl up, rest and recuperate on your sofa. You’ll keep company with those who are near and dear to you on your sofa. It just makes good sense to consider brawn as well as beauty.

Whether it seats three people or six, is leather or fabric, is a sectional or a sofa bed, reclines (with or without power or a built-in USB port), is a chaise or is partnered with a matching ottoman, your sofa needs to catalyze as well as reflect your lifestyle. The right sofa allows you to experience your life on your own terms. It needs to be something you can bank on.
Here are a few tips to help you bring all that into focus:

1. Take a test drive before you buy.

Though seat depths vary, the average sofa is at least 23.5” deep. Seat height runs between 17.5” and 19.5” high. There’s no right or wrong depth or height, only what works best for you and your family. Good back support is key. Make sure there’s room to negotiate long legs and tuck short legs beneath you. Check the total width of the sofa, excluding armrests, to make sure you can stretch out comfortably.

2. Invest in a good frame.

A quality frame that will support your needs over time is always a good deal, even if it costs a little more. Solid hardwood is a smart way to go. Particleboard or metal frames are less durable. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee on the frame, fabric or the entire sofa. Read the manufacturer’s guarantee before you buy.

3. Fabric is more than a “pretty face.”

Since your sofa is usually the largest piece of furniture in the room it occupies, your choice of upholstery fabric has a huge design impact on the room it occupies. Color, pattern, texture make a statement, but are not the only thing to consider when selecting fabric for your sofa.

Linen, cotton, and wool are very attractive options, but natural materials may fade in strong sunlight. When mixed with a synthetic, natural fabrics are more fade-resistant—an important consideration especially if your sofa will be near a window. Synthetic fabrics are more “breathable” and easier to clean. If you have young kids or pets, opt for a fabric you can spot clean.

Fabric couches can pill and wear thin with high use, but choosing a high-quality fabric can minimize that risk. Look for couches with a Martindale rub-test of 25,000 rubs or more. (1)

If leather is your pleasure, the type of leather you choose dictates how it will wear long term as well as the look and cost of your couch. Imitation leathers may crack or fade—even with excellent care. “Bonded leather” consists of layers of leather glued together; it may look great and cost less but it does not have the durability of full-grain, aniline, or semi-aniline leather. (2) “Genuine leather seating” means real leather is used only on the seating areas of the sofa where durability is important, and man-made materials, matched to the leather, are used on the back. “100% genuine leather” is just that: the feel, the smell, the comfort, the durability, and the cost are the real deal.

4. Stay seated!

What's inside a sofa is as important as its frame and fabric! Feather-filled cushions are high on comfort but need regular plumping. Foam or fiber fillings may flatten out and lose their shape over time. Many of today’s sofas use mattress “comfort technology,” the same individual springs, foam and/or gel found in Walker’s best and most comfortable mattresses. These are very comfortable and retain their shape over the long haul.

Don’t forget! If you have young children and/or pets, Choose a couch with flippable cushions.

5. Measure up!

Before you buy your sofa, know the minimum and the maximum dimensions that work in your room. Pay attention to whether there are doors and windows that open onto or above your sofa. Be sure to measure any doors and stairways the sofa will pass through during delivery. If access is limited, you may need a low-back style sofa, one with removable legs or a modular design that can be delivered in sections.

Walker Furniture is proud to say we have the best selection of sofas in the Las Vegas area. No matter the color, style, scale or budget you’re looking for, we’ve got it all! Our low pricing is guaranteed! And our same day delivery means your  “new buddy” will be there for you when you get home!

Now that we’ve talked about the basics, take our Style Quiz to determine what style sofa is right for you.

Now that you know what style appeals to you, it’s time to preview a small sample of what’s in our showroom. Take a look at these babies!  Some lay flat, include power headrests, power lumbar cushion adjustments and USB charging ports. Feel free to explore on your own. Our selection is huge!








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Come on in and have a look see. Have a seat! Kick your feet up. Do a test drive: “Curl up” and talk to our sales people on the floor and our interior designers. Let Walker introduce you to your new best friend.